Behind the Science

XenoTherapeutics’ mission is rooted in the science of xenotransplantation, the discipline of transplanting the tissues or organs of one species into a different species, a concept proposed over a century ago. Terminally sterilized xeno-derived medical products have been used over the last several years in limited quantities (porcine heart valves, for example). However, there does not exist a widely used, FDA-approved medical device that utilizes the incredible potential of live-cell xeno technology to treat human patients. The xeno products on the market today cannot vascularize and integrate into human bodies, rendering them extremely limited in their effectiveness and hindering incredible therapeutic possibilities. Xenotherapeutics seeks to eliminate this critical deficiency by developing Xeno-Skin, a first of its kind, live-cell skin tissue of specially bred porcine donors. Its first medical indication will be to treat human burn patients.


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