Dr. Dicken S. C. Ko is Chief Medical Officer and Vice-President of Medical Affairs at Steward St. Elizabeth Medical Center, a teaching affiliate of Tufts University Medical School. Previously, Dr. Ko was Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Director of Regional Urology for Massachusetts General Hospital.


A pioneering surgeon, Dr. Ko joined Dr. Curtis Cetrulo, Jr. in co-leading the medical team to perform the first successful genitourinary vascularized composite allograft (penile) transplant in the United States. His groundbreaking innovation has recently been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN, Proto and other media outlets worldwide.


At XenoTherapeutics, Dr. Ko is a trusted consultant offering clinical expertise and involvement with medical innovations..  He has been involved with two start-up companies, both of which were acquired by Olympus and Fresenius. He was a member of Investors Collaborative, a Boston-headquartered company that provides world-class strategic, value-added expertise, and equity capital to select early stage companies in very diverse sectors.


In 2008, Dr. Ko was appointed by the Trustees of the American Board of Urology (ABU) to be a member of the Written Exam Committee and in 2011 became a Task Force Chair. Currently, he is an oral examiner for Part II of the Qualifying Examination for the ABU – a position he’s held since 2013. In 2015, Dr. Ko was awarded the inaugural Dr. W. Scott McDougal Prize for Teaching and Mentoring in the Department of Urology.


Dr. Ko has published on tolerance models of transplantation, urologic outcomes research, and economics of transplantation over the course of more than 75 submissions to peer-reviewed journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Urology, Transplantation, and American Journal of Transplantation. He was the 28th President of the Urological Society for Transplantation and Renal Surgery.


Dr. Ko earned a B.S. in Physiology/Biology from the University of British Columbia, a medical degree from Queen’s University, and received training in hospital leadership from Massachusetts General Hospital. He completed his residency in urology at the University of British Columbia and fellowship in transplantation at Massachusetts General Hospital – Boston.