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Boston’s XenoTherapeutics Prepares to Donate Xeno-Skin™ to Burn Victims of New Zealand

Surgeons Transplanted Living Pig Skin Onto Humans for the First Time

XenoTherapeutics Wins American Burn Association's Burke/Yannas Bioengineering Paper Award for Research on Xeno-Skin™

In a first, MGH surgeons use genetically modified pig skin in graft

First Application of Genetically Modified, Live-cell, Pig Skin to a Human Wound

Using animal organs in humans: 'It's just a question of when'

Losing the Humanity of Transplants

Boston Startup to Launch First Trial of Pig Organ Transplants in Humans

XenoTherapeutics to Start First Human Trial of Xeno-Skin™, a Novel Xenotransplantation Treatment for Severe Burns

A Nonprofit Biotech Venture is Betting on Pig Skin to Help Burn Victims with First-ever Clinical Trial

XenoTherapeutics Executives Spearhead Initial Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts in Panama City, Florida

XenoTherapeutics Presents Update on First Non-Human Transplant Technology

A groundbreaking ‘biologic Band-Aid’

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