XenoTherapeutics’ first product, Xeno-Skin is a skin graft derived from genetically engineered pigs that can be used to treat burns and other serious wounds.

  • Xeno-Skin is an emergency-ready, living skin graft containing epidermal and dermal cell layers, providing temporary wound coverage during the critical, immediate post-burn period. It can be made economically, stored for up to 5 years, and rapidly shipped globally to address both expected demand and emergency situations.
  • Xeno-Skin is not a synthetic, composite, or matrix–it is living skin derived from genetically engineered swine raised in a pathogen-free environment. Xeno-Skin is regulated as a “biologic” product under the CBER department of the FDA.
  • Clinical trials are planned for 2018; INAD complete; IND submission in progress. Demonstration of safety and efficacy of this novel solution is a proof of concept for a truly disruptive technology. It supports both horizontal indication expansion (diabetic foot ulcers, chronic wounds) and vertical product advancement (solid organs and tissues).