In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that burns are responsible for approximately 180,000 deaths annually, including nearly 18,000 partial- and full-thickness burns each year in the United States. These patients are in need of an immediate treatment option during the critical moments following such an injury, when severe burns are at risk of deteriorating clinical condition due to infection, lack of protection and fluid loss. This is frequently followed by electrolyte, temperature and pH imbalances that contribute to organ failure, and often death.

Human allograft skin is the standard of care for burn victims requiring temporary skin covering, but the supply is limited and filled with logistical constraints, especially for patients with burns cover 20% or more of the total body surface area who cannot risk receiving their own skin from unharmed parts of the body.


XenoTherapeutics has focused on this critical societal need with the development of its first product, Xeno-Skin™, the only live-cell xenotransplantation product that temporary restores a wound’s barrier and allows for full closure. It consists of pathogen-free swine tissue that has been “humanized” to function on a wound site equally as well as human allograft skin, providing a biologic bandage that helps retain critical electrolytes supporting skin regeneration underneath.


Xeno-Skin™ has been cleared by the FDA for investigational use and aims to catalyze the science of xenotransplantation while also addressing a critically unmet need for burns and other severe skin wounds.


The XenoTherapeutics’ pipeline begins with skin but envisions multiple applications of the technology to produce viable solutions to the current worldwide shortage of transplant products in a manner that is patient driven, efficient and cost-effective.





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