XenoTherapeutics Foundation is dedicated to the continued research and development of xenotransplantation tissues and organs for therapeutic use. The Foundation focuses on product discovery and preclinical testing and works with our for-profit venture partner to de-risk and optimize therapeutic candidates while decreasing the time to market.

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"In 1982, our senior colleague, Thomas Starzl, one of the great pioneers of allotransplantation, wrote: ‘History tells us that procedures which were inconceivable yesterday, and are barely achievable today, often become routine tomorrow.’


We believe that, with the novel genetically-engineered pigs becoming available to us, clinical pig organ and cell transplantation, inconceivable only a few years ago and barely achievable today, will become routine tomorrow. Indeed, allotransplantation will eventually become of historic interest only."

—  David Cooper, David Ayares - The role of genetically engineered pigs in  xenotransplantation research; Journal of Pathology, 2016: 288-299


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