One of the greatest challenges of modern medicine is the unforgiving shortage of organs and tissues for transplantation.


We Are Advancing Xenotransplantation To Clinical Reality.

The Mission

XenoTherapeutics, Inc. is a nonprofit, Massachusetts based 501(c)(3) private operating foundation dedicated to the advancement of xenotransplantation through education, research, development, tissue recovery, high-quality tissue processes and clinical testing for the public benefit.

The Science

Xenotransplantation, the process of grafting or transplanting organs and tissues between members of different species, has the ability to provide an unlimited supply of critically needed tissues and organs from genetically engineered animals.


The Work

XenoTherapeutics Foundation is dedicated to the continued research and development of, live-cellular, xenotransplantation tissues and organs for therapeutic use. The Foundation focuses on product discovery and preclinical testing and works with our for-profit venture partner to de-risk and optimize therapeutic candidates while decreasing the time to market.


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